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Isha Vidhya Newsletter - Febraury
Isha Vidhya Newsletter - Febraury
Photo Moments
Pongal Celebrations
Pongal meaning “boiling over” is celebrated in Tamil Nadu with a lot of reverence, joy and fervor and also as an occasion to express gratitude to nature.

While students dressed up in beautiful traditional attire, the schools were decorated with colorful rangolis. Some schools even conducted rangoli competitions.

In keeping with the auspicious symbols of wellbeing and Pongal celebrations – sun, sugarcane, bullocks, open wood fire, and overflowing pots of milk, most schools cooked sweet Pongal on an open fire in the playground with music and dance

Both students and children participated in traditional games like kabadi, uriadithal (pot breaking) and other games like tug–of–war with vigor and joy.
Learning About the Village Administration
Dharmapuri School’s science teacher conducted a social science activity to bring awareness about the functioning of the village Panchayat and District Collector’s role in developing villages.

6th Std students researched the functions of the village panchayat and the duties of village representatives and participated in a village council meeting where they discussed their village problems and put forth developmental plans for their villages.

Selected students acted as the village panchayat with the teachers guiding them about the day–to–day functioning, responsibilities and problems handled.

This activity was very useful in empowering students with knowledge on how the village administration functions.
Birthday Gift
Birthday Gift
Muthu Selvan S., a student at the Tuticorin school is sponsored by Ms. Shibani Balvally. She gifted him a pack of 12 balls to celebrate his birthday on 18th January. His happiness had to be seen to be believed. Thank you Shibani for making his birthday special!
Child Safety Workshop
The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POCSO Act) was formulated to effectively address sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children. As children spend a lot of time at school, a safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages.

Our coordinator, Ms. Nandhini, and our HR manager, Mr. Prakash, conducted a 2–day workshop for the Cuddalore school staff and students where they spoke about children’s rights and the need to sensitize everyone involved about safety for children, be it physical or psychological safety. They also spoke about the schools’ operating plan and policies for the safety of students, and regular safety audits.

Other relevant modules will also be conducted to spread awareness about POCSO, not only among children but also among teachers, parents and support staff, so that everyone is equally aware and well-equipped to support the children.
Isha Vidhya Mumbai Marathon 2018
200 supporters and 170 employees from 7 corporates participated in the Tata Mumbai Marathon on 21st January 2018 to create awareness and raise funds for Isha Vidhya. Isha brahmacharis also participated once again and drew a lot of curiosity and attention with their calm demeanor and traditional attire.
Chart-making Volunteering Event
We held several volunteering sessions across Chennai in January 2018. Several volunteers participated in the chart–making events and in the process, learnt more about the teaching methodology followed in our schools.

Vaishnavi from Thambaram shares, “You could feel how everyone was transformed into children during the activity. Just looking at the colours and patterns everyone used in the charts showed how much of a child we have inside of us. All of us learnt that even from our homes, and in small activities, we can experience child–like joy.”
We are willing to offer this opportunity in various cities to supporters who want to volunteer for Isha Vidhya. To learn more, please send a mail to iyyappan.arumugam@ishavidhya.org.

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