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Our students expressed their gratitude to their teachers and gave them a fun time on Teachers Day.

The planning for Teachers’ Day celebrations started quite early. Colourful cultural programs were presented where students performed beautiful songs, heart-warming skits and even speeches that made teachers teary eyed. Coimbatore school went a step further. They created an AV from recorded sharing of the teachers’ family members, where they expressed their pride in the work the teachers are doing.

Many students presented teachers with handmade cards and some even gave them funny titles.
Games were organized and the teachers loved them. During the games, they shed their adult persona and played hard, to win the thoughtful gifts kept as prizes. In some schools, senior students managed the school and classrooms to give the teachers time off.
Four Isha Vidhya Schools are meeting their energy needs by generating their own power thanks to a sponsorship by Indian Energy Exchange Ltd (IEX).

IEX has met the cost of the purchase and installation of 9 KW Solar PV systems at our schools in Nagercoil, Cuddalore, Villupuram and Tuticorin. The units have started production in the month of September 2017 and we look forward to reduced electricity bills.

Thank you IEX for this clean source of energy.
Yellow Day was celebrated by the KG department of Isha Vidhya, Villupuram to reinforce knowledge of colours among students. Though kids love colours, they need frequent lessons about the names of colours to be able to correctly identify them.

Yellow Day was about finding the colour yellow in the world around us.

The class was decorated with charts, while a display of yellow coloured fruits and objects caught everyone’s eyes. The day felt sunny with students and teachers wearing yellow coloured clothes. The presence of yellow colour in our daily life was introduced to students through charts. The teachers conducted many colour based activities to reinforce the lesson on colour.
High humidity and temperature are the perfect breeding ground for the spread of viral infection and dengue. Isha Vidhya schools are conducting dengue awareness programs during the assembly periods to help combat this. The students learn about the symptoms of the disease, how it spreads, prevention and treatment procedure.

Schools are supplementing this information with regular doses of the locally developed tonic called Nilavembu Kashayam. This awareness program is proving to be vital in preventing the illness at village level.
The tsunami that hit the coast of Tamil Nadu on 26th December, 2004 was devastating. It caused widespread destruction, leading to innumerable deaths. Our Cuddalore School, which is situated on the coastline, had also witnessed the rage of the sea.

Cuddalore District Collector, Mr. Kirupakaran P A, has started a program of planting palm trees along the coastline to contain the destruction of tsunami-like incidents. Cuddalore school students, along with staff members Ms. Pushpa, Mr. Yellil Raja, and Mr. Vel Murugan, also participated in the program. The school students planted palm seeds along the coast for 1 km, to ensure a safer future for the whole village.
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