For the very first time in the history of Isha Vidhya, Isha Vidhya Coimbatore Can't view Email?
For the very first time in the history of Isha Vidhya, Isha Vidhya Coimbatore girls knocked out opponents in the Coimbatore West Zone Hockey competition to win a chance to play in the district level competition!

Our girls won in the Under–17 category by defeating their opponents with a score of 2-1. Juniors also put up a great display to be the runner–up in Under–14, losing with a score of 2–0
Maths lessons are fun when teachers use games to demonstrate concepts. Dharmapuri School’s Maths Teacher, Mr. Perumal challenged 7th Std students to win in a game which demanded presence of mind and understanding of ‘integers’.

The game had two dies in play, two dies were in play. One represented positive number and the other negative integer. First dice was rolled, then the second and then students had to calculate the difference in the numbers. The first student who called the correct answer got one point and the chance to roll the dice. Both dies were rolled alternatively. The student who completed 3 sets of “BINGO” was declared the winner.

This game caught the fancy of our students and every one tried their best to grab the chance to roll the die – a perfect example of “learn learn while you play”.

Remedial classes are a key aspect of Government School Support Program (GSSP). Students are evaluated for their knowledge and those who are found lagging are encouraged to join remedial classes. Government school teachers are especially trained in Isha’s teaching methodology to handle these classes.

This academic year we have 115 government schools in TN GSSP, impacting more than 28,000 students. Project coordinator, Mr., Bhoopathi, shares, “It is a matter of joy and pride that we are expanding the program to support more schools with the help of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Tamilnadu Education Department. We have achieved 100% results in S.S.L.C, . and there is marked improvement in students’ overall performance through the remedial teaching method.”
We were dumbfounded when we learnt about Mr. Harshvardhan Singh’s decision to raise funds for Isha Vidhya as he competed in Clipper’s Round the World race. Interestingly, he took the decision without visiting Isha Vidhya, just after hearing about us and seeing a few of our videos!

Amidst hectic preparations for the race, Harsh visited our Coimbatore school accompanied with a few friends. He wanted to experience our school and also interact with the students.

The majority of our students didn’t have any idea about sailing as a sport. The visitors shared the details about sailing, sail boats, the Clipper race which starts on 20th Aug from Liverpool, UK, the challenges at sea, trade winds, doldrums, and the difference between a clipper race and a circumnavigation. Students were given the task of researching climatic and sea conditions of the ports that Harsh would touch upon, thus tying geography lessons with this amazing adventure!

The first port was marked on the map, with students promising to closely follow the journey and learn about the ports that he would be touching. It will be a year long journey, in tandem with Harsh Anna’s sailing.
Chandini, an Isha Vidhya supporter from San Francisco, has begun an epic journey from London to Mongolia via road. Thorough her adventure she hopes to raise funds to support 200 scholarships.

Follow her journey on facebook . You can also support her fundraiser by donating at any of the following links: US Donors and India Donors


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