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Educating Rural India May 2015
Our students make us proud, once again!
100% result in 10th standard board exams!

Our first batch of 10th standard students took the public exam this year and they have done us proud by posting 100% pass result.

Overall average score across Isha Vidhya schools is 89%! Several students have scored high aggregates and 100% in many subjects like Math, Science and Social Science.

This result is all the more remarkable as majority of the students belong to financially weak backgrounds, where English as a language is never used. Our students faced severe challenges to give exams in English medium and yet posted a fantastic result.

Ms. Ruthra, Vanavasi School student, scored the maximum marks among students from Isha Vidhya. Her aggregate score is 494 out of 500, an amazing 98.8%.

Thank you Donors, Marathoners, Volunteers and well wishers for believing in our dream. We are extremely proud of your support and the efforts of our teachers, non-teaching staff members, Principals and of course THE STUDENTS!
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As part of Corporate volunteering program, 85 Cisco (Bangalore) employees came forward to create Learning Material kits for our schools.
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Students from Salem district schools under GSAP program explored creativity and sports during Summer Camp.
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Dharmapuri School offered Bridge course to new admissions to help them get comfortable with Isha's teaching methodology.
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Event News and updates
Donate-a-book campaign

Isha Vidhya has partnered with Pratham Books to raise funds for Library-in-classroom program. Current campaign aims to raise funds to start libraries in classrooms in 2 of the Isha Vidhya schools. Read more
Sevathon 2015

Sevathon 2015 takes place on 12th July, 2015. Join us by running in 5K/10K/Half marathon or even doing Surya Namaskar! You can also support us by cheering the runners. Read more
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Identifying education related articles for posting on social media

We need your help in finding quality education related articles, blog posts, research papers. These will be shared on our social media accounts. Read more
Educate a new generation of rural students

Rural kids from financially weak backgrounds are looking to improve their life using the vehicle of education. Support their dreams by sponsoring their education. Read more
Cisco Bangalore Employees Craft Learning Material Kits
Corporate volunteering program is a win-win for us and for the corporates. Corporate employees get a deeper insight about Isha Vidhya as a project, and the impact of education to an underserved segment of thepopulation. Many employees, who are keen to contribute towards development of society, get a chance to interact with the not-for-profit organizations like ours as they contribute. These events also lay the groundwork for a longer and deeper relationship.

On 15th May, 85 employees of CISCO, Bangalore came forward to create Learning Material kits for Isha Vidhya students. After a brief introduction about Isha Vidhya, teachers from Dharmapuri School shared their experience of teaching at Isha Vidhya.

Ms. Malini explained about the Learning Material kits and their usefulness in helping students understand and retain concepts. Dharmapuri teachers gave examples of their use and value in their classes.

Cisco volunteers then buckled down to craft Learning Material Kits. They were guided by the teachers and Academic coordinators. Intense work was punctured with a lot of laughter and joy. By 3 pm, the work was complete and packed away for shipping.

We thank every one at Cisco for sparing their valuable time and contributing towards the cause of education of rural kids.

Note : If you would like your company to be a part of the program, please write to us at prabhu.loganathan@ishavidhya.org
Summer Camps for Salem District schools under GSAP
Summer camps were organized in Salem district of Tamil Nadu for schools under GSAP (Government School Adoption) program. The camps have been arranged to give students an outlet to explore their creativity and also showcase their talent.

In one of the camps, hundred and twenty students participated, along with twelve teachers. They were given an opportunity to join extra-curricular activities like learning embroidery, yoga, dramatics, fashion jewellery, painting, puppet making and trekking.

A camp like this, far removed from the rigours of academic study, ignited the love for learning in students.
Bridge Course at Dharmapuri School
Teaching methodology at Isha Vidhya is a bit different from that of other schools. Newly admitted students face some difficulty in coping with the different teaching methodology. After a year of operations, Dharmapuri School planned a bridge course for newly admitted students and existing slow learners.

Around 100 students were selected for this course, which lasted three weeks. Designed as a full day schedule from 10am to 3.30 pm, subjects like Maths, Tamil and English were taught. Physical education training, Art & Craft classes, Computer Aided Learning classes and activities/ games related to the subjects were also included to make the course enjoyable and effective.

Chosen students were first assessed for their level of knowledge and based on the results, they are assigned classes.

We salute the teachers for their dedication. They came for extra classes even though officially they were on vacation.
Donate-a-Book campaign
Isha Vidhya has partnered with Pratham Books to raise funds for Library-in-classroom program. This month long campaign, open only to residents of India, ends on 23rd July.

You can donate as little as Rs 100 to help us purchase books for class library. Our target is to raise funds for 3000 books. Help us by spreading the word and inspiring book lovers to donate.

Link to the crowd funding page is here.
Sevathon 2015
Sevathon is a yearly event with 5K / 10K / Half-Marathon run/walk in San Francisco Bay Area. This year they are also holding a Surya Namaskar event where participants can choose to do 27/54/108 Surya Namaskars! .

We hope to see you at the venue, cheering not just Isha Vidhya team but other runners too. You can pledge your donation to registered runners at this page .
Identifying articles
We want to develop a community of people who are passionate about education. We need your assistance in identifying education related articles. These can be newspaper articles, blog pieces, research summaries etc.

You can also submit original articles.

We are also looking for graphic designers who can help us create infographics and picture posts.

If you are interested in volunteering for either of the options, please send a mail to asmita.sinha@ishavidhya.org.

We have several other volunteering opportunities. To know about them, please register* as a Friend of Isha Vidhya .

*The registration process will take less than a minute.
Critical Requirement - Sponsorship for students
Rural kids have started dreaming with your encouragement and support. Your donations helped us in delivering the dream of providing quality education to rural underprivileged children.

sha Vidhya has started a mini revolution in rural Tamil Nadu. Who could have thought that kids from remote rural areas can score 98.4% in state boards exams? Our unique, finely tuned, teaching methodology is not only delivering results but also making the learning process an enjoyable one.

Faces of students glow with excitement as they troop into school. They look forward to learning! Our teachers are also undergoing regular training to deliver high quality of teaching in classrooms. They continually work to improve the standard of teaching.

Your support and donations have ensured this.

We request you to renew your sponsorship. We promise that each child and each teacher at Isha Vidhya will make you proud of your association with us.

Help us reach out to people who believe education is the key to bring about transformation.
If you need more information to convince your contacts, please check our facebook page. You can also write to us at info@ishavidhya.org for further information.

For inquiries or more information about donations, email at donations@ishavidhya.org. To donate online please visit here.

For offline donations, please send your cheque to the address given below. The cheques are to be written in favour of the organisation printed in bold text. Tax benefits available.

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