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Educating Rural India July 2015
Aadi Perukku Celebrations at Isha Vidhya Schools
Traditionally, life in India is closely linked with natural elements of the planet. Through festivals dedicated to each element, it was ensured that people understood and valued their importance in their lives.

In Tamil Nadu, the month of Aadi, when the monsoons are in full force, is a time to revere the forces of water. The rivers are flowing fast, the lakes and ponds are full and life is bursting forth everywhere. Land, which had been baked during the merciless summer months, turns green as every dormant seed laying in its fold, germinates.

Aadi Perukku is celebrated on 18th day of Aadi month. The festival pays tribute to water's life sustaining properties. Farmers, whose lives are intimately connected to natural elements, pray for blessings of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Aadi Perukku is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at Isha Vidhya schools. Schools are decorated with traditional kolam (floor art) along with other items crafted from natural material growing around the village. Students and school staff dress in traditional clothes. Saplings, which had been planted at the start of Aadi month, are ready for offering to the water bodies.

Puja, procession, music, dance and of course sweet pongal (sweet dish) mark the celebrations.

Through the festivals, we at Isha Vidhya, aspire to deepen the roots of our students even as they learn about the world. The celebrations also help to bring students from various communities together and create aharmonious relationship.
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Vanavasi School girls win Zonal level Kabaddi competition to qualify for District Level competition.
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Lahari captures the Midday Meal program of Isha Vidhya school to create a beautiful video.
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Math puzzles, quiz and more as part of Verandah activity sets the kids abuzz at Dharmapuri School.
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Delhi Half Marathon

Support Isha Vidhya by running in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015 on 29th November 2015. Registration details are available on our Facebook Event page. Read more
Wipro Chennai Marathon

Join Chennai supporters and make Isha Vidhya contingent the largest one to run in Wipro Chennai Marathon Read more
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Educate a New Generation of Rural Students

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Vamavasi Girls Team win Kabaddi Competition
Vanavasi school students participated in Zonal Level 'Kabaddi' competition held at Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Vanavasi. The Girls team won the 1st place in Kabbadi match, making them eligible for the District Level competition to be held in August.

The winning team consisted of K.C.Kavya, M.K.Rethani, S. Devisri, .J.Sona, P. Sowmiya, A.M.Nithya Ruba, M.E.Hari Shree, S.Harsha, K.Madhu Sri, Y.Sarulatha, V.Naga Nandhini and R.Vijaya Sudha.

Congratulations to all and best of luck for the forthcoming competition!
Young Lahari volunteers to create video
Lahari Vuppaladhadiam, a high school student in California, volunteered at Isha Vidhya Cuddalore and Villupuram schools for a week during her summer holidays. She has been assisting in the “English Enhancement Program” for two years and earlier visited our Aragonda school in Andhra Pradesh.

During her visit she observed various facilities and programs which are unique to Isha Vidhya. Assisted by the staff members, she explored the kitchen, gardens, and the schools’ green hands projects. Lahari extensively photographed and took videos of the class activities, the students, the teachers and school facilities.

The mid-day meal program which has been successful in significantly reducing malnutrition in our students, was created by Lahari. Do check it out here .

She shares “I was amazed by the energy and eagerness displayed by the students at both schools. During my presentations, I would receive many thought-provoking questions, which made me proud to see that what I taught was interesting for them. Each and every student is ambitious and they want to prove their talents to the world. This is the kind of motivation present in all of the Isha Vidhya schools, and it is a very rare attribute.

Note: If you wish to volunteer with us, please drop a mail to asmita.sinha@ishavidhya.org .
Verandah Activities
Have you ever heard of Verandah Activities?

Isha Vidhya school teachers are putting the corridors to use by posting interesting information, general knowledge quiz questions and now activity zones!

Dharmapuri school Maths teacher, Mr. Arivalagan, asked the 7th std students to create activity charts. He appointed a person in-charge for each activity zone. The work of the person in-charge is to replace the questions frequently and check the answers when the students finish their activities.

7th std students created charts with Maths problems which were put up in the math zone. They introduced their activities to other class students and explained how to use the activity. As examples, they themselves attempted the problems and showed the answers to all.

Mr. Arivalagan shares, “Students' involvement and participation inspires me to create more such activities for the students.”
Run for Isha Vidhya in Delhi Half Marathon
This November, join the fun with your family members and help Isha become the single largest group of runners at The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM)!

Neither age nor athletic ability is a barrier. There is a choice of distances (6 km/21 kms/Senior Citizen run) and one can also walk. It will be a delightful event with all Isha supporters running/walking and cheering together, breaking into dance at the various music stations.

Please register at ADHM website.

Your participation can help in providing quality education to rural children.
Wipro Chennai Marathon
Will you run/walk to support Isha Vidhya on 13th December 2015? Your participation can help a rural child get quality education.

City marathons are no longer a test of physical ability. It is also a day of fun, laughter and camaraderie. We hope to see you at the venue, cheering not just Isha Vidhya team but other runners too.

Details of the marathon are available at on WiproChennaiMarathon page. Registration is open now. Click here to register.
Help us Connect with Companies
Many companies are looking for an opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards social projects. Many others are willing to support projects with history of tangible results. If you work in such a company you can help us by connecting us with the CSR team or Business leader.

Our first batch of Xth std students, by scoring an average of 89%, have demonstrated the efficacy of our holistic education system. Their achievement becomes more remarkable when we consider that most of them are first generation learners and they gave the public exams in the English language.

Several hundred new students have joined our school with the hope of receiving scholarship. We need to enhance infrastructure to accommodate them and also provide better facilities.

If you can facilitate an introduction with decision makers at your company then please drop us a mail at vinod.hari@ishavidhya.org.

We have several other volunteering opportunities. To know about them, please register* as a Friend of Isha Vidhya.

*The registration process will take less than a minute.
Educate a New Generation of Rural Students
Rural kids have started dreaming with your encouragement and support. Your donations helped us in delivering the dream of providing quality education to rural underprivileged children.

sha Vidhya has started a mini revolution in rural Tamil Nadu. Who could have thought that kids from remote rural areas can score 98.4% in state boards exams? Our unique, finely tuned, teaching methodology is not only delivering results but also making the learning process an enjoyable one.

Faces of students glow with excitement as they troop into school. They look forward to learning! Our teachers are also undergoing regular training to deliver high quality of teaching in classrooms. They continually work to improve the standard of teaching.

Your support and donations have ensured this.

We request you to renew your sponsorship. We promise that each child and each teacher at Isha Vidhya will make you proud of your association with us.

Help us reach out to people who believe education is the key to bring about transformation.
If you need more information to convince your contacts, please check our facebook page. You can also write to us at info@ishavidhya.org for further information.

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